Crooked Issue

by Ahma

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  • Released by Firebox Records with stunning artwork from Ville Pirinen.


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the confusion of the new business fatal necrosis and blocked arteries the world politics by other means where pain is a constant symptom absurd fences get erected one violent overthrow to go they have no body to kick they have no soul to damn they speak in muffled voices swords drawn and blood-thirsty they scream about obscenities and it’s clear as night and day we are not in Pentecost anymore you paint me cloven-hoofed underneath my rebellious cloth in our excesses we all ride the fleas of morning dawn absurd fences get protracted the seed I self-cultivate
chalk another one up for the not-so-good decisions in life struck down for being incompatible with the utilitarian ideals past the shore where they say no-one ever returns past the saturation point to drown in the Rubicon the muddy waters of shallow bank protect the lowest common denominator inanity to perceive past the boots and brown apparels marching towards a goal further down the road than a sheep can see all virtuous all in vain sunk in conserving stream
hey old friend from the conclave let's raise hell and bash some noses in let's forget relativity and liquidate the spreads the volatile ranges the ruckus and stupor your contrarian flock behaviour can be thrown in flames hey old foe from the exchange let's laugh and toast to doctrines let's fuck up the scriptures and emancipate the herd the forged epistolaries the drug-induced epiphanies and all that is sacrosanct shall be scornfully mocked I am the goat I am the swamp you built your cathedral on I am the goat I am the heresies and the denounced truths
a diet of feces labour camps and diseases and the soothsayer's jinn when the trigger is pulled there is just seeing when the trigger is pulled no seer and nothing seen a girl and a gun a queue for the esoteric one rebirth in artificial light when the trigger is pulled there is just hearing when the trigger is pulled no hearer and nothing heard iconic imaginary sodomized proselytes harnessed to soil idols and vomiting over-compulsive dining eucharistic cannibals cocked up with psilocybin when the trigger is pulled there is just dying when the trigger is pulled no dead and nothing dying are you ready to die heretic
Idle 03:29
can you see it? transmission from the hellish sky same old dreams circle slowly again be aware radiothermy of the blue eye flow is too wide from one-way tap too afraid to open eyes too deaf to hear a sound obscured by cold in the head idle can you hear it? metal cow with two gleaming eyes roaring alone pawing acres of dust no parity flesh is weaker than ever before the last dance is a short one can you smell it? the air is made of poison gases fire-breathing birds in stained feathers now imagine getting killed while grasping at life mouth-to-mouth with the lungs of the devil
I want to hold a stake I want to own a share I want to be given but not to lose sleep over the harvest I devour add multiply divide and conquer I already see halos around myself can you see the halos around me? I'm a fluctuating merger I'm ordained to the green I'm the brown nose incorporated letting the crickets emerge
n+1 04:07
from the equator to the pole it's the same old spell Bélibaste aflame at a stake it takes a devil to know one to catch the bastard and end the travesty from the deepest of the nights it's linear and scalable permutated succession of the fellowship Tomás left in the hands of commissioners in fourteen ninety eight hey when we got there it was too late the cup hath already overflown and laid in a thousand pieces from serenity of the alcove it's consistently consistent approach to all spiritual and carnal strife within the life the answers stay the course all ecclesiastical and celestial raise another stake!
Antebellum 05:02
acquired and deprived but trained in good morals all in the very name of his incomparable highness cantankerous and wicked caught in the crosshairs and blissfully unaware of the moldy conventions the organized arsonists cater the world with attain their Kolob with and yet droop the sentient with plow the way! the silence bespeaks a slave a thrall reborn! take a peek behind the veil baptized in ignorance and chloroform acrimonious and blind to the treatment of ideas by the grand vicars hung burnt and maimed cursed and beheaded the conflict of sons authorizing the lie the Hamites ablaze Antebellum Dum Diversas those were the days even the cyclopes saw all the precious things a perpetual authority brought to the world even the cyclopes saw a world wroth of vice and blackened like coal
label sown burnt carved sticks like a thorn stigma wound bleeds aloud sickening sound black stain in pale white morgue sheets handful of synapse blocking pills go down you fail to get the grip on the world someone you know already gave you in your life the highest bid was mine I fail for I loathe killing stubborn habits received got accepted tattooed with a club never lost iron grip guides me through the wall wrong rules recursion in renaissance play blind spot anomaly my vision is haze
Solenoids 04:26
just seeing is changing there is no gainsaying we are building the gateway for Anunnaki to reclaim the form of all emptiness the quantum abomination with the fleet of old battleships donning the steel frames to destroy the creation sabotage the solenoids with tin foil garments the devoir to endeavour to die knowing less how unlikely something in Bayesian thinking has no real probability we are quoting the trilemma of the sceptic Agrippa discrete affirmations but we are preaching to a concourse of cretins in the zeitgeist of stupidity the black plague of the 21st century


ANNO 2011

Crooked Issue (Firebox Records 2011) is the dirty and distorted sequel to the acclaimed Slothful & Vile EP (Rusto-Osiris 2007) - a full volume of dark matter (lat. atrum res) constructed by the misuse of dilapidated chaos magic and most inexact scientific methods. Thematically the release sails in the wake of paranoia, dualistic materialism and intense moustache growing, drawing a great deal of inspiration from the everyday observation on how the celebration of ignorance and disparaging of intelligence and scholarly knowledge is the real black plague of the 21st century. And how more distortion is always better.


released May 4, 2011

Janne Lönnqvist - vocals
Tuomas Vuento - guitar, vocals
Aki Heikinheimo - bass, vocals
Santeri Pienimäki - drums


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Ahma Finland

Ahma is a Helsinki, Finland based quartet playing simple and raw rock music. For several not-to-be-spoken reasons they have been maintaining a moderately low profile since being hatched in 1995. The current incarnation of the band is either its third, fourth, or fifth, depending on who you ask.

The sound of Ahma is thoroughly enhanced for hearing impaired, and can be best described as LOUD.
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